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Hi, J. Bruce Jones, from and the creator of Essential Chords book for Guitar, Mandolin Ukulele and Banjo, Second Edition, along with many other music and chord books. I started learning to play guitar in my 40’s and my music and chord charts and books came about from my search for clear basic music information to help me learn. Over the years I found lots of the charts on the web and in books but most of them were too complicated, incomplete or poorly presented. So I started laying out my own charts and then started sharing them with others.

As I searched the web, I wanted to learn the basic shapes for the major, minor, and seventh chords. I wanted to learn how to move up the neck of the guitar and play like the guys you see in real bands. Arpeggios what are they and how to play and apply them

What are keys and simple chord substitutions, minor pentatonic and the mysterious G run, maybe a little chord theory? How to solo, a simple 101 approach? So those were the questions, my music books are what have come out of that effort.

Along the way I also learned to play the mandolin, ukulele and a little banjo. So those were also added to the collection. The charts are designed to be downloaded as a pdf, or purchased as a book.
My intent was to make the charts easy to read, informative and great for when you are practicing and jamming with your friends.

Any comments that you might have on them, good or bad are welcome. Ideas for additional music charts are also great. I will be adding more charts as time goes on.

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J. Bruce Jones

J. Bruce Jones is a Connecticut based author, graphic designer, and product developer. Bruce is also an active musician and long time participant in the Summer Acoustic Music Week with WUMB Folk Radio in Boston. Out of going to music camp, he developed, Essential Chords for Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele and Banjo. Creating fingering charts for all the main chords and soloing charts that beginning players need, along with a series of blank staff and TAB sheet music books for writing music.

Bruce also likes hiking, woodworking and travel.