4 String Banjo Chords and Keys, Standard C Tuning, CGDA, I, IV, V and 7th Chords, Fingering Chart

7-4 String Banjo Keys C Tuning with I IV V and V7 Chords

4 String Banjo Chord Chart, Standard C Tuning, CGDA, includes the major, minor and seventh chord fingerings. The Tenor Banjo is an essential instrument in everyone’s Bluegrass band and this chart will get you going.

The 1, 4, 5, or I, IV, V, and V7 refers to the chords that are played in a song and their relationship to each other. The key name will be the first chord, such as the key of A, the first chord is A, the next chord is 4 away or D and the final chord or the 5th chord is E. Often to give a song an edgy or blues sound you will play a seventh version of the chord, marked as E7. At a basic level for many songs that we know and love these are the chords that are played or the chords the song is based on.

The 4 String Banjo Standard C Tuning Chord chart is included in our book, Essential Chords for Guitar, Mandolin Ukulele and Banjo.